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About Us

A naturally diligent and hard working individual, Lara Forace obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in European Studies and her Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Malta. A born perfectionist, Lara discovered her passion for weddings when she herself lived through the experience and married Matthew in a romantic ceremony and reception in Malta. Having done the whole planning thing for their wedding it was here that Lara soon realised her flair for organizing. “I remember looking round during our wedding reception and seeing how everything had fallen perfectly into place.” Since then the couple have never looked back.

Lara has had ample experience in organizing other events in Malta including a number of seminars and conferences throughout the course of her career. As an artist, creativity, design intuition and inspiration come natural to Lara as she has also specialised in art and design throughout the course of her studies and also enjoys a spot of painting in her free time. “For me, Wedding Wise is another opportunity through which I can channel my creative spark . It provides me with such a great opportunity to exercise my passion for design. Everything and anything is an opportunity for inspiration. Attention to detail comes naturally to me.” 

Born and raised in an entrepreneurial culture, Matthew Forace has successfully served as the general manager of his family run business in Malta for the past seven years. Thanks to his successful business concepts and his innate business vigor, Matthew has helped the family businesses to grow and prosper further. He has gained ample experience throughout the years in strategizing and managing people; an element in his job which has helped him to exercise his leadership skills effectively. “Planning and managing is second nature to me. I am also a forward thinker - I constantly find myself thinking ahead, anticipating future needs, opportunities and threats. This I believe has helped me to survive and prosper as an entrepreneur.”

Totally committed to making Wedding Wise a successful, well reputed company, Lara and Matthew Forace strongly believe in the value of customer satisfaction through creating unique, flawlessly executed events in Malta that exceed all expectations. “ We love doing what we do. Knowing that our clients are thrilled with what we have achieved on their behalf is a very rewarding feeling.” Your Malta wedding planners; Lara and Matthew Forace, insist on offering services to clients that are nothing short of excellent; this they believe is the secret to what has made them stand apart from the crowd.

Learn more about how Wedding Wise can help you plan your unforgettable day in Malta. We'll make your special day just a bit more special. Check out our range of wedding services.

Malta offers a wide range of wedding venues for you to choose from. Wedding Wise Malta will help you plan your perfect wedding in the perfect venue! Choose a wedding venue by the sea, or a breathtaking palace wedding venue, or go for a modern wedding venue in Malta.